The mayor promised short term solutions would be sought to move

canada goose outlet toronto factory Parents said they had difficulty coming to terms with the decision to transfer the fields to a privately owned company.The mayor promised short term solutions would be sought to move the sports activities to other locations, although the city does not own other soccer fields. The other fields belong to the school system.It’s not fair to completely blame the town but politically we haven’t had any help at all. John Young, Dalhousie residentPelletier said at the meeting that one local citizen out of three is retired and if they leave, it would damage the municipality.Life long resident John Young told CBC on Thursday he was disappointed with the council’s decision.”I believe to redevelop the town, we need to have our youth know that there is something here for people to settle,” Young said.”And the way we’re headed, we’re making ourselves a retirement community, and I can’t see anybody coming here maybe to set up a business, per say, that would have a wife, young children, if we’re going to have a community that doesn’t have any recreation facilities.”Young said he’s seen a rapid decline in the town since the downsizing of the local paper mill began in 1991 and transfer of ownership in 1998, eventually leading to the mill’s closure in 2008.. canada goose outlet toronto factory

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